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Get Paid to Volunteer for Medical, Clinical, Drug Trials and Various other Research Studies, Throughout the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Are you 18-85 years of age ? Help yourself financially by volunteering to be a subject in medical trials, paid clinical trials and various other research studies! Healthy persons of either sex are urgently needed. Volunteering for strictly regulated and ethical approved studies can be an excellent way to help to pay educational costs, supplement your income while working, or fund your travels while spending time in foreign countries. Healthy people who are eligible and comply with the study requirements, are always well informed of the significance and conditions of each study. Most clinic facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can read, study, work on a project, relax, or watch TV and videos. Want to learn more? Follow the links on the menu bar and benefit from many years of experience as a study volunteer in the US and Europe.

  • Clinical trials, Medical trials ($100-300/day US, £70-150/day in UK.)
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Time isolation
  • Bed rest studies - simulate the effects of prolonged space travel.
  • Alcohol, caffeine & nicotine studies
  • Exercise, diet & nutrition studies
  • Psychology studies (personality, perception, etc.)
  • Cognitive studies (memory, concentration, etc.)
  • Sensory studies - testing taste, smell, etc
  • Visual studies
  • Vaccine studies
  • Dermatological (skin) studies
  • Brain wave studies
  • Brain imaging studies
  • Blood & plasma donation
  • Egg & sperm donation
  • Consumer product testing - sample new products (food, cosmetics, etc.) and evaluate them.
  • Focus Groups - Evaluating products
  • Paid opinions - Get paid for your opinions.
  • and much more...