$20 per hour for PAID BEHAVIORAL STUDY New York

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PAID BEHAVIORAL STUDY — Must be 18 years or older

Name of study: Neural Representation of Valuation

Purpose of study: To understand how the brain places value on

different kinds of goods.

Name of experimenter: Anna Konova
Name of faculty supervisor: Professor Paul Glimcher
Name of Department: Center for Neural Science
Location of study:

Specific requirements: Center for Experimental Social Science, 5th
Floor, 19 W 4 “ St. Or Room 910, 4 Washington Place

Type of activity: Must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
Must not be diabetic. Rate, value, and make
choices between food, money, and consumer

Number of Sessions:

Approximate time per session:

Valuation and Decision Making

up to 3 sessions

approximately 2 hours

Payment: $20 /hr plus possible
food/consumer item rewards or 3
additional money
Contact information: Name: Anna Konova
Phone: (212) 998-7659
Email: abk288@nyu.edu

Department of Psychology
New York University
6 Washington Place
New York, NY 10003

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  • $20 per hour for PAID BEHAVIORAL STUDY New York
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