PAID Clinical trials for Depression

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CMB Clinical Trials is looking for volunteers for paid clinical trials in Depression.

If you or a loved one is dealing with any such mental health issues then please, call us today!

You may be eligible to participate in a paid clinical trial and Earn cash compensation when you volunteer and qualify.

Qualified volunteers will receive:

Compensation for time and travel on the same day of each completed office visit.
Free Doctor Visits and Medications.
Free Exams and lab tests.
No cost to you for any study related treatment.
No Insurance is necessary to participate.

You can also refer your friends and family to get a $200 bonus if they qualify for the study.
Help us to advance medical research by your contribution.

1. – Read more about clinical trials, how they work and their safety.
2. Call/ Text and speak to one of our research coordinators (nuestros hablo Espanol)

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Medical research depends on volunteers to help develop new cutting edge medicines. These medicines help people in their everyday lives.

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  • PAID Clinical trials for Depression
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