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Are you looking for paid medical trials in Quebec? there are lot of ongoing clinical trials in Quebec so let us know if you are interested to join our paid clinical trials in Quebec?

Study for volunteers in good health

AGE: 18 to 55 years old
BMI: 18.6 – 32
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Details of study:

This study is available to male volunteers.

This study involves a drug being developed for the treatment of chronic (long lasting) infection with hepatitis B virus. It acts by blocking hepatitis B virus multiplication.

The goals of this study are to evaluate how safe and how well tolerated the medication is when administered orally as a single dose and after multiple doses in healthy subjectsand to evaluate how much and how quickly the drug is taken up, and eliminated by the body when administered as tablet under fasting conditions.

The dates shown above and compensation amount may change. For more information, contact our recruitment department at 1 866 262-7427.

Complete an application and our staff will contact you by phone to give you an an appointment for an interview.

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